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Trackside software, it is a catalogue of 3 software developed by people with a motorsport engineering background to suit team requirements as much as possible. And because one solution cannot fit all teams, we constantly develop our products to adapt them to different levels of motorsport and different teams.

A catalogue of 3 software developed by people with a motorsport background

Team coordination

The TeamDB database

compiles track operations information, keeps track of issues and allows to manage ECU maps.

Car analysis

The LapMonitor lap-by-lap analysis tool allows you to get live a wider view of what is happening on track.

Race strategy

The RaceCTRL application

assists you with real-time timing analysis and allows you to build your own race strategy.

Trackside software started 15 years ago in endurance racing, Le Mans 24 hours and WEC.

Our software can now be found in most of the major world series:

Formula 1, Formula E, WEC and Le Mans, GT World Challenge, WRC, DTM... 

Used in most of the major world series


Trackside software has been created in 2013 by the association of 2 professional experts.The addition of 30 years of experience in track operations and 25 years of experience in software development in a racing environment.

In summary, a small team, agile and experienced.

Designed by a 'human scale' team, agile and experienced


years experience in

trackside operations


years experience in

software development

They trust us...

"We share trackside information, manage issues... but not only. TeamDB helps us to manage our complete project from the very first idea of a subject to its validation."


(technical director)

"LapMonitor has definitely helped us understanding a bit more, so you guys definitely helped us to find some performance, great job! Thank you from all of us!"

Ernesto Desiderio

(Haas F1 Team)

"RaceCTRL is not just a tool to visualize the timekeeping information in a smart way. It also helps to predict the future and this is a real assistance for strategic decisions"

Leena Gade

(race engineer)

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